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What’s Included in the Proceedings?

Would you like to order additional proceeding from one of Webcom’s Conferences? Are you unable to attend any of our events? If so, you can still be a part of the proceedings.

Conference proceedings include a link to all available sessions in PDF format. Please note, some sessions may not be available at request of the speaker.

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Antenna Industry Directory

Antenna Manufacturers & Distributors, Vendors of Antenna Components; Assemblies & Suppliers of Products, Services for Design & Operation of Antenna/Wireless Systems and more.

Internet of Things North America

May 31 – June 1, 2018
Chicago, IL

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2016 Conference Proceedings

  • Antenna 2016 Conference
  • Internet of Things West 2016 Conference
  • Low Power 2016 Conference
  • Remote 2016 Conference
  • SCADA Tech Summit 2016
  • Magnetics 2016 Conference
  • Motor & Drive Systems 2016 Conference
  • Internet of Things NA 2016 Conference
  • Critical Power Schaumburg 2016 Conference
  • Critical Power North America 2016 Conference
  • Advancements in Thermal Management 2016

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2015 Conference Proceedings

  • Advancements in Thermal Management 2015 Conference
  • Internet of Things North America 2015
  • Magnetics 2015 Conference
  • Motor & Drive Systems 2015 Conference
  • Antenna Systems 2015
  • Remote Monitoring and Control 2015
  • IOT West 2015

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IOT Today

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2014 Conference Proceedings

  • Advancements in Thermal Management 2014 Conference
  • Antenna Systems 2014 Conference
  • Internet of Things North America 2014
  • Magnetics 2014 Conference
  • Motion Control 2014
  • Motor & Drive Systems 2014 Conference
  • Remote 2014 Conference

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UAV & UVS Marketing Directories

Introducing the UVS and UAV Marketing Directories

Webcom Communications is proud to offer two exciting new directories aimed at the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle industry and components for Unmanned Vehicles.

This market is growing rapidly and expected to double in size over the next ten years due to its dynamic success and expanding use in defense, commercial and government applications.

Components for Unmanned Vehicle System (UVS) Marketing Directory – $795

The 2014 Components for Unmanned Vehicle System Marketing Directory is a companion volume to UAV Marketing Directory which was devoted to aerial systems. In addition, this report includes UVSnot only aerial but also ground, maritime, submarine, and satellite unmanned systems.

Over the past decade, unmanned systems have played an increasing role in military operations. The Department of Defense uses a vast array of unmanned systems, from underwater to the upper regions of the atmosphere and from the size of a matchbox to the size of a Boeing 737.

These unmanned systems continue to prove their value in combat operations, where military operations are planned and executed in extremely challenging environments. Unmanned systems are critical to operations in all domains across a range of conflicts, both because of capability and performance advantages, and the ability for unmanned systems to take greater risk.

This 257-page guide includes over 1,000 companies. Organizations such as educational, research, development and testing and economic development organizations are included covering 100 different categories.

An index is provided which places companies in various categories. The majority of companies included are component, materials, and subsystems equipment suppliers but also includes companies providing services, consulting, training, publishing, and other infrastructure suppliers. It is essentially a complete source of information on unmanned systems.

View UVS PDF Sample

PDF Directory – $995 $795 (Save $200)

2014 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Marketing Directory (UAV) – $795

Capture your piece of the booming Unmanned Aerial Vehicle marketwith the help of the UAV Marketing Directory. Designed as a market opportunity guide UAVfor vendors seeking to enter the UAV market or expand their presence in it, this information-packed guide covers all major UAV manufacturers as well as top subcontractors and system providers worldwide.

It is particularly useful for vendors of aerospace, defense and electronics subsystems and components; as well as suppliers of custom manufacturing services, test equipment, testing services, and enterprise-support products and services.

Recent market studies indicate expenditures for UAVs to be $7 to $9 billion annually in 2012 and poised to double by 2020. But the full market is dramatically larger and more complex when $20 billion in R&D expenditures and $21 billion in procurement for UAVs, ground support and payload expenditures are taken into account, swelling the market to more than $40 billion currently.

This 93-page report and accompanying excel database provides useful market overview information and details on more than 166 companies worldwide leading the way in this dynamic, fast-changing industry as well as important contact and system information designed to help vendors pinpoint their potential opportunities.

View UAV PDF Sample


PDF Directory – $995 $795 (Save $200)



Order both directories for $1,395 and save $200 instantly


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