Industry Directories

Antenna Industry Directory

Antenna Manufacturers & Distributors, Vendors of Antenna Components; Assemblies & Suppliers of Products, Services for Design & Operation of Antenna/Wireless Systems and more.

The Global Permanent Magnet Industry

The Global Permanent Magnet Industry is the most comprehensivereference book in the permanent magnetics field today. Includedin this directory are over 1000 companies in 50+ countries withdetailed assessment and capability summaries and product offerings.


LED Industry Directory

Solid-State Lighting manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and industry consultants.

Magnetics Industry Directory

Manufacturers & Distributors of Permanent Magnets, Soft Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies, Vendors of Magnetic Components and Suppliers to the Magnetic Industry and more.

Motors & Drives Industry Directory

Designed specifically for Manufacturers, Dealers, services & technologies in motor, drives & controls.

Remote Monitoring & Controls Industry Directory

A comprehensive annual reference of product, service, operators and managers of remotely located and/or remotely operated sites, facilities and equipment. This Directory is divided into two sections: a Product/Service Section and a Company Section.

UAV & UVS Marketing Directories

Capture your piece of the booming Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market and components for Unmanned Vehicles with the help of both the UAV and UVS Marketing Directories. Designed as a market opportunity guide for vendors seeking to enter the UAV & UVS markets or expand their presence in it, these information-packed guides cover all major manufacturers as well as top subcontractors and system providers worldwide.